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I am a Scottish painter living in Hampshire and I work predominately in oils. The musical elements I bring from my previous career in education are integral to my practice. 

I find the dramatic environment of my heritage seeps into the character of my paintings, particularly in my abstract work. I admire Joan Eardley and relate to her images, especially the landscapes of Scotland. These words resonate:

"Believe in the emotion you get from what your eyes show you."

My approach is energetic and rhythmic. I try to retain the fluidity and freshness of early strokes, to feel the movement and follow what I hear in my mark making. A spontaneous and intuitive response to beautiful accidents helps guide my direction. As the interplay between layers and the resonance of gestural marks intensify, I balance with stillness: a pause to give importance to my subject or to allow the space to speak.

Creating ambiguity allows me to say more. This thread is always with me even when my work is less abstract. I am satisfied when I feel simplification in a piece. This is when the narrative works; the essence appears, allowing the viewer to sing their own song.

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