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Close up of a hand painting on a canvas

I have been exploring the stance of the figure, omitting features to avoid distraction. By offering minimal information and establishing a sense of space, I find serenity; I enjoy the way spatial relationships interact.

Watching the world go by, absorbing what I see then sketching, often from memory, gives me inspiration.

Life drawing informs my work. I love the immediacy, the genuine first reaction to find the character of the pose.

I am drawn to rousing vistas and texture in landscapes.

Often only an indication of a memory appears as I work: 

I look for shapes and forms then I find a sense of the composition, keeping all options open for as long as possible. I want energy; to feel the movement in my arms when reacting to the surface history in the painting. When the brush is dancing across the painting I can play and respond to the rhythm, and to the paint.

"One only produces that which is necessary." Degas
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